Welcome! I’m Bill.


I was 16 when I first discovered tap dance.



I’ve been making noise with my feet ever since.


Rehearsals for Strictly Gershwin (Queensland Ballet)
Photo by: Eduardo Vieira


There is so much I could say about my journey into tap. It’s been a weird and wonderful love/hate relationship which, in spite of the challenge and uncertainty that comes with choosing a career in the arts, has given me an incredible life of wonder, a wealth of experience and stories, and the chance to connect with many amazing human beings.


Just fixing my hat.
Photo by: David Collins


As a teacher/performer/choreographer, I’ve had the opportunity to do some pretty cool things (I’ve included a list below). But the achievement I’m most proud of is the series of online video courses I created to help adult beginners discover the magic of tap dance for themselves. I called it ‘Just TAP’.



Now, I work on a variety of creative adventures and projects. But no matter how far away I get from tap dance, I always seem to find my way back sooner or later, even if only for a few minutes in a studio, for me.



I live in Melbourne, Australia, where I host monthly masterclasses for adults. I also run sporadic classes in other areas, depending where I’m traveling.

If there’s any interesting stuff coming up (classes, performances or meetups) that people can come along to, I’ll share it all here:



If you’re keen to stay connected and informed, the mailing list is the most reliable way:



I’ve discovered I’m mostly happier without social media, and often take spontaneous digital cleanses lasting months at a time. But I do like to stay connected, and I’m fond of Instagram. When I’m posting, it’ll be in one of these 2 accounts:


Tap related.

Everything else.


Lastly, I wanted to share a quote that I’ve been thinking about a lot recently…


“Happiness is not pleasure. Happiness is the expansion of possibility.”

– Scott Young


Thanks for stopping by.

I hope we can connect again. If you’re not trying to sell me a drone or a dating app, please don’t hesitate to drop me a message.


With gratitude and love,





Australian Tap Dance Festival – Faculty
‘THREE’ (with Topology Music and Grant Collins) – Choreographer, Performer & Co-Producer
The Dance Center (California, USA) – Guest Teacher
Victorian College of the Arts (VCA – Melbourne, Australia) – Guest Teacher
The Space Dance and Arts Center (Melbourne, Australia) – Guest Teacher


Australian Tap Dance Festival – Faculty
Derek Deane’s ‘Strictly Gershwin’ – American Premiere (Tulsa Ballet Company) – Tap Choreographer
The Dance Center (California, USA) – Guest Teacher


Sydney Tap Festival – Guest Performer
‘Just TAP’ – How to Tap Dance for Advanced Beginners (Video Course) – Creator


Derek Deane’s ‘Strictly Gershwin’ – Australian Premiere (Queensland Ballet Company) – Tap Choreographer
‘LIMBO’ (Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Art) – Writer, Performer, Choreographer
‘Just TAP’ – How to Tap Dance for Absolute Beginners (Video Course) – Creator
The Dance Center (California, USA) – Guest Teacher

and prior

Australian Tap Dance Festival – Faculty
Queensland Theatre Company – Movement Consultant
‘THREE’ (with Topology Music and Grant Collins) – Choreographer, Performer & Co-Producer
‘Rhythm Junkies’ (with Red Hot Rhythm) – Writer, Producer, Performer & Principal Choreographer *
‘Tap Dance Concerto’ (with Queensland Symphony Orchestra) – Choreographer & Performer
Queensland University of Technology – Guest Lecturer
Dein Perry’s ‘Tap Dogs’ – Performer (Corporate)
Red Hot Rhythm – Founder, Director Choreographer, Teacher

Plus a bunch of corporate events. Clients include:
Montblanc, Piaget, Ritz Carlton Hotels, Virgin.


* Australian Dance Award winner for ‘Outstanding Achievement in Commercial Dance or Musical Theatre’ (2014)



Queensland University of Technology (QUT) – Brisbane, Australia – Associate Degree in Dance